Food'n'Wine in Armenia

Day 1. City tour. Matenadaran-a depository of an ancient books and manuscripts. Cascade. Opera House. Memorial of the Armenian Genocide. GUM Market of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables. Master class of the famous Armenian cooker at Ararat Hall.

Day 2. Sanahin, Haghpat, Akhtala UNESCO World heritage monasteries. Cook yourself an Armenian DOLMA in village Akner near Alaverdi. There are 2 kinds of dolma. Summer dolma - forcemeat inside cabbage leaves, egg-plants, tomatos and peppers. Winter dolma - forcemeat inside vine leaves.

Day 3. Garni pagan temple. Gegard Spear monastery. KHOROVATS is a barbeque from pork or lamb or chicken. Try to make it in the open air in village Norgyugh near Abovyan.

Day 4. Sevan Lake - Pearl of Armenia. Hayravank monastery. Noratus Cross-stones cemetery. Selim Pass. Selim Caravansaray. A delicious Armenian dish KARSHYM which is a brand new in our cuisine. We shall cook it in Vayk city.

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